Small tree looking succulent with spines

by RobbyG
(Huntington Beach, CA)

It's looks like a tiny tree with dark green (not so fleshy) leaves on the tips of stems. Spines coat the entire thing.

I got this in LA and currently grow my plants in Huntington Beach CA. This one stays inside and I put it out for a few hours of sun each day. I am dying to learn the specifics on how to care for this one!

Hi RobbyG, this is Euphorbia millii, or the Crown of Thorns - aptly named, when you see those spines! Please use appropriate measures when dealing with this plant; Euphorbia have a caustic sap, which can cause dermatitis, or even blindness. See more about poisonous succulent plants here.

So, it sounds as though your conditions are about right; they can take quite a bit of sun, but need adequate water if it's really hot and bright.

Well drained soil is essential, and the occasional fertilizing with water soluble fertilizer or compost tea during active growth.

When you prune this guy, the sap is thick white latex looking stuff; do not get this on you, wear gloves and dispose of the pieces (or propagate them).

Hope this helps with your tree!

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