small pox like craters

by Amjad

Hello jackie,
i check my succulents each tuesday
as it was cold and rainy last week
i skipped that tuesday,But
to my surprise,and astonishment
when i looked on them this sunday
they all have chicken pox like craters
ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!
what do you think this is ????
is it reversible???
Please advice
Merry Xmass,and happy new 2013

Hi Amjad, that does look rather like they didn't like the cool temperatures and the rain. This type of damage is fairly common, and the only solution is to keep them under cover when it rains; they seem to be okay with the coolness as long as they stay dry.

The damage is done, and is not reversible on the leaves that are showing it - sorry! However, don't discard the leaves yet - they will still root, as long as you don't water them; the damage will be compartmentalized and hopefully won't spread before the leaf roots.

Best of luck, and all the best in 2013!

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Dec 27, 2012
Small-pox-like craters
by: Amjad

Thanks Jackie
Very helpful
NOW Options
1 take some cuttings of stems and leaves now?
Well, even the leaves that have sprouted last
Week are hit, will the new leaves of a cutting
be intact?
2 leave everything as it is and wait until early
Spring to take cuttings,I cannot move these
Plants, they are in huge 30 Inch pots
and it's highly impractical to cover them with
thick nylon every time it rains!!!!
Sorry for the discomfort, this is how new "addicts" act
Thanx again and again for your help

Not to worry about the discomfort! I don't mind at all - I'm glad to get you infected!

I would try and get some cuttings going now, and later, just to make sure you have some success with one or the other option. You
have to make sure to keep the cuttings dry so these damaged parts don't start rotting.

I am so envious of your plants - I don't have enough room to keep large ones, so I usually take cuttings in the fall, and root them indoors under lights - we are in totally different climates!

Hope that helps,

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