small aloeish plant with white stripes or ridges on it.

by Sarah Moore

This plant has the leaf shape of an aloe plant. With lots of stems coming out of a center each stem come up and curves outword slightly resembling the top of a pineapple. Each stem has white ridges on them. You can feel a textural difference between the aloeish stem and the white lines than run like rings up each stem. But on the inner side of each stem the white ring shape is harder to see.since the white is not a continuious ring, you still see the ring but the pattern is more like a dotted line. The flesh is firm and not as soft or tender as an aloe plant.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Sarah, these are a great little plant. Although Haworthia are often mistaken for Aloe, they are quite unique, and require very different care.

This one is Haworthia attenuata, or Haworthia fasciata, which are very similar. These succulents prefer more water than Aloe, and not as bright an area. They will in fact become discoloured if they are in a place that's too bright and turn orange.

See the Haworthia page for more on this genus, and succulent care for some more generalized growing tips.

Happy Succulent Growing,

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Nov 25, 2011
Starting a second plant...
by: Sarah Moore

Thank you for answering my above question!!! I was also wondering how can I start a second plant from this one?

Nov 25, 2011
It's Easy!
by: Jacki

Hi Sarah, you can easily get more plants if you carefully separate the plant into individual crowns. You'll see that there will be several crowns, and each of those can be pulled off and potted separately.

See the Succulent Plant Propagation page for more.

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