small "2 dimentional" succulent

It is light and dark green with leaves growing only out to the left and right.

I love these guys! The fan shape is characteristic of young plants, which as they age will eventually create quite a clump of crowns going every which way.

These are Gasteria, a relative of Aloe and several other similar succulents, with a few distinct differences.

They are called Gasteria which means 'stomach like' due to the shape of the pretty orange flowers that dangle from an arching stem. This rare event is quite something, and these plants are well worth growing just to see it.

The only time they'll flower is if they're really root bound, so planting it in a heavy clay pot to anchor it securely, and then leaving it alone is the key.

They also have a requirement for dormancy through the winter, which means, no water - at all.

You can see more about these great plants here: Gasteria.

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Aug 02, 2016
by: Mickey

Mine always bloom, on tall, 2-3 inch stakes. They are mostly in partial shade but some are full sun. Dry, well draining alkaline soil in North San Diego county.

Feb 20, 2017
My Gasteria is Blooming!
by: The Succulent Whisperer

I am beginning to think there is no winter for indoor house gasteria. I have a large one with many clumps and offsets, including itty bitty baby fans. I love it! The little blooms are gorgeous! It is well worth keeping a gasteria in the hope that it will bloom.

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