Slightly curly echeveria

I purchased this plant recently from a reputable nursery, but it was labeled only "echeveria." I've looked at many photos of echeverias, but I haven't found one that appears to be this particular plant. I would like to identify it so I could learn more about its care. See photos.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

There are soooo many beautiful Echeveria, that it's almost impossible to say exactly which one this is.

Any truly reputable nursery will be able to identify it for you if they are propagating the plants themselves. Is there any way of contacting them to see if they know the name?

The most common types and species differ, depending on where you are. In Australia, there was a lot of interest in the American hybrids at one time, and many now grown there are descended from them.

California has the background of Dick Wrights hybridization program, with all the different types from that.

Here is an Australian resource that I like, which has a lot of pictures of these fabulous plants; prepare to spend some time looking through the images; Echeverias in Oz

There are more pictures on this page; Echeveria.

Hope that helps,

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Jul 03, 2014
Echevaria lover
by: Jacky Grundling

I agree 100% with Jacki that it is sometimes very difficult to get the correct name for succulents. Different countries have different names, Having said that it always bugs me to find the correct name for a plant posted here. So here goes, my humble opinion is that is probably called Echevaria Meridan

Jul 14, 2014
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate your suggestions. And it was a great to view the echeveria pages!

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