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My All Important Donors and Advertisers

Online website advertising is your best option for getting in front of lots of eyeballs, willing to purchase your product or service.

Drought Smart Plants Site Sponsors

I accept sponsorship requests from high quality companies within the following categories;

  • succulent growers selling online plants
  • producers of succulent garden art
  • sellers of containers, pots and planters
  • broader gardening suppliers
  • garden service providers
  • garden and landscape books
  • and others

Site sponsors are Drought Smart Plants supporters, mostly from the succulent plant industry or garden related products or services.

If you're visiting here, the sponsors that I choose are closely vetted for quality, and customer service.

If you enjoy Drought Smart Plants, please support my sponsors and tell them I sent you!

Each sponsor gets their own full page on the site, outlining their mission statement, specialties and a bit about their product line - get to know them! 

They are all different, all unique, and all of them are specially hand picked - I don't allow just anyone to appear here. 

The quality of their plants or other products, the willingness to go the extra mile and their integrity all show that they are of the highest caliber.

The reviews or bios are generally written well before a service or company becomes a sponsor and are independent of sponsorship. This review is exactly the same whether there is an ad or not.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a sponsor?  See the page I've written especially for you here.