Short, columnar, six-lobed cactus with short black thorns.

by David Patlak
(Quincy, MA)

Davids Six Sided Cactus

Davids Six Sided Cactus

I found this guy looking rather forlorn in the discount section at Lowe's garden center, but there was no identifying tag! I bought him and gave him a nice home.

It's a short (4-5"), columnar cactus with six flattish lobes, each of which has a smooth-serrated edge. Along the edge, each "peak" of the serration has a node from which 2-4 short (.25 - .5") black thorns originate. See the picture for more detail. Thanks!

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi David, that guy actually looks pretty good for a plant that spent some time in a box store!

Unfortunately, cacti are not my specialty, but this one bears a strong resemblance to Cereus peruviana, or the Peruvian Apple Cactus.

If it is the same one, it may in extreme old age bloom with highly scented flowers in secrecy at night. These 'night blooming cereus' as they're known have to be extremely old and root bound to bloom - something to look forward to for sure!

For care, keep this plant in as bright a light as you can manage, and if you notice it starting to lean, turn the pot a quarter turn every day or so to even it out.

I recommend the use of grow lights, just to get the length and intensity of light that these plants need. You should aim for around 12 hours of light a day.

The soil you use for most cacti and succulents should be very well drained, almost gravelly in texture, and many of these plants really like a pebble or lava rock mulch.

Happy Cactus Gardening!

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Oct 11, 2011
by: David P.

Thank you Jacki! Right now it's sitting in 2-3" of regular potting soil, covered in gravel from the driveway. I'll be sure to get some lava stone or cactus-specific potting mix, as well as a grow-light CFL for my desk lamp.


David P.

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