Senecio barbertonicus

by PG Kruger
(Barberton South Africa)

Hallo Jacki.

The photos are from my garden. I do not know much about the plant except that it is common in the eastern mountains of South Africa. It prefers a cooler location above 800m from sea level but with a little bit of attention will grow in any frost free region. It is hardy and needs well drained soil.

Mine mostly gets rainwater but in drought I will give a little water once a week. Oh, and direct sunlight. In shade with too much water it will struggle and grow long and thin and out of proportion.

I have never seen them blooming in shade. When flowering it is covered in dense yellow flowers. There is a beautifull picture on Wikipedia with good information on the plant.

The plant in the picture is higher than I am, 5'11". It is also the mother plant that supplies the nursery. I hope your ID forum does well because usually that's the place where I see the prettiest and strangest plants.

Lastly I have to say I have been busy with succulents for the last 40 years and your website is one of the best of the hundreds that I have seen. Congratulations!

PG Kruger

PS. If you want I can send you some information on our area which is a succulent haven.

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Other photos of Barbetonicus

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