Sempervivum Wedding Favors examples

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C. Canada)

An Example of the Perfect Sempervivum Wedding Favor Plugs

An Example of the Perfect Sempervivum Wedding Favor Plugs

I get asked lots about what the Sempervivum plugs will look like when they arrive for a wedding.

These little guys are grown and shipped in 72 cell plug trays (which means there are 72 per tray or flat) and each cell is about 1" across and 1" deep.

They are the perfect size to plop into a little decorative pot, cover with some kind of ornamental stone or gravel (colored beads, to match your wedding colors, maybe?) and offer them as a memento your guests can take home.

Remember to tell them that these are hardy plants, and will only be happy outdoors. They thrive where the winters are cold, if they are covered with snow.

Drought, cold, bright; whatever the climate, these little plants will be happy and healthy.

The only place they won't thrive is if they're kept too wet, and in poorly draining soil, or indoors.

As hardy plants, they require a cold dormant winter period to replenish their energy and grow with renewed vigor in the spring.

These pictures are what I aim for when choosing your Sempervivum wedding favor plugs.

The plants normally overlap a bit, so that they will fit into a 2" decorative pot nicely.

For a quick method of putting your wedding favors together, cut the plastic plug trays into individual cells, put each plant complete with its cell into the little pot, and fill with gravel. This ensures that they don't make a mess - trying to repot them is not recommended.

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Jan 19, 2013
Just wondering...
by: Marie

If you sell any kind of little containers to put them in? I'm looking for those tiny terracotta pots, and the only ones I can find have no drain holes. I'm in Vancouver, if that helps.

Hi Marie, I don't currently sell the pots; I have found exactly the kind you describe in dollar stores and some of the bigger craft stores, so that might be somewhere to try.

They're also available in garden centers sometimes, but I find those a little more pricey, and also, they don't usually have the smaller sized ones. Depending on how many you need, I would definitely try to find them the cheapest way possible.

Best of luck in your search!

Jun 07, 2015
* So Perfect and so Healthy *
by: Jennie

A delight to see just as is and then I start to wonder all the things I can do with these .....

I do not have to wonder long either !

So vibrant and delicious to see too ....

I know I have appointments all week and I will be making a lot of detours on my journeys ~

Thank you Jacki ~ Best wishes Jennie

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