Sempervivum Wall

Yet Another Way to Use Our Favorite Hardy Succulents

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Making a Sempervivum wall project gives you an excuse (if you need one!) to combine all the lovely textures, colours and sizes of these fabulous hardy succulents.

Sempervivum Wall

I’m using Sempervivum planted into my wall project so I can show off the myriad forms in a way that displays them at eye level and in large quantities.

My project consists of a steep sandy bank where fill was removed, leaving it rather unstable and prone to washing away during heavy rains or snowmelt.

The anticipation is that the Sempervivum roots will hold the soil in place and prevent erosion, while illustrating how gorgeous all these plants are when combined in a kaleidoscope.

My Sempervivum wall project, unlike succulent walls or vertical gardens, isn’t made by covering the soil with mesh – instead, I’m counting on the fine root system to hold the wall in place.

The rough undulating surface will add interest to this predominant focal point – you won’t be able to miss this when pulling into the driveway on the garden tour.

Sempervivum mosaic as an illustrationI don't have a picture of this project, but this mosaic will give you an indication of how blase these plants are about growing on a vertical surface...

Using a screwdriver, I make holes in the sandy soil, and then insert a Sempervivum chick with a long stolon into the hole.

The stolon will hold the chick in place until it roots.

You can also use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to hold them in place – don’t worry, any damage done to the two or three leaves that the skewer will go through will grow out in a season.

Eventually, over the next few years I anticipate that my Sempervivum wall project will be filled with upwards of 1000 rosettes, depending on the adult size of each type.

This will give me a huge holding area of chicks to use in succulent crafts of all descriptions.


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