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Which Hens and Chicks should I choose?

They're all so gorgeous! Sempervivum are a lesson in how climate and environment play an important part in the way these incredible plants evolve to suit their niche perfectly.

The lush rich colors of hens and chicks combine perfectly with Sedum and other hardy succulents...

Sometimes it's hard to believe that these are actually plants - some of them look more like they're made out of wax or plastic than a real live plant.

There is no end to the amazing variety of shapes and colours of Sempervivum, as you can see in this Sempervivum Picture Gallery, and just when you think you've found two that are the same, just wait a week or two, and they'll change to look completely different.

Over the seasons, they can change dramatically; some have dark tips that eventually deepen and the color seeps downwards until the whole plant is dark.

Others work in the reverse direction, or blush with pink; some have cobwebs, wide leaves with points in a cup shaped growth habit; others have slender foliage. 

There is no end to the variations and permutations.

Jewel like tones and textures combine with aplomb; there are no bad groupings of Sempervivum and Sedum.  Used in a group planting they support and act as a foil for each other.

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Raspberry IceRaspberry Ice
Red AceRed Ace
Red Devil Red Devil
Rita JaneRita Jane
Rojin Rojin
Rosie Rosie
Royanum Royanum
Ruby HeartRuby Heart
Saga Saga
Silverine Silverine
Sir William Lawrence Sir William Lawrence
Solvano Solvano
speciosum speciosum
Spherette Spherette
Spice Spice
Spring Mist Spring Mist
Sunset Sunset
tectorum atropurpureum tectorum atropurpureum
Tederheid Tederheid
Topaz Topaz
Truva Truva
Twilight Blues Twilight Blues
Viking Viking
Westerlin Westerlin
Whirl-i-Gig Whirl-i-gig

To see more about these incredible plants and the fascinating colour changes they go through, check out the pile of pictures here - taken throughout the seasons, they show some of my favorite Sempervivum varieties in their ever changing garb.

Sempervivum Ruby Heart
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Sempervivum Ruby Heart in June Sempervivum Royanum in May Sempervivum Saga in August Sempervivum Sunset in May
Sempervivum Ruby Heart in September Sempervivum Royanum in September Sempervivum Saga in May Sempervivum Sunset in August

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these pictures. I've been fascinated by the changes that these plants undergo, from early spring, into summer, and then in the fall as well.

It's so enthralling to watch, and having 200 different species and varieties gives me lots of them to compare. There is always a new favorite type or variety, that today seems to be nicer than any other, and tomorrow that will change again.


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