Sempervivum Picture Gallery E-L,
Hens and Chicks

So many species and varieties; so little garden room...

Growing these hardy succulents in garden beds, xeric garden display gardens, in rock walls or succulent crafts gives so much pleasure. 

Rich, textural hardy succulents, Sempervivum are one of the most intriguing and beautiful of all...

I can happily gaze on them for ages, remarking on their forms and colors - all different from each other, and all unique.

There are fuzzy, tiny species like some of the arachnoideum, the cobwebs; richly colored tectorum, dark tipped calcereum, and they all reproduce in a unique fashion; some have long stolons, parking the chicks well away from the hens skirts. 

Others have a chick below every layer of leaves, tightly clustered and eventually forming a compact carpet.

The colors change frequently; that's what makes these plants so fascinating.

Each week it seems they will alter their hue, or the center of the rosette will become darker.  I can verify that they do indeed change - it's not a myth.

In this Sempervivum Picture Gallery, the varieties and species listed from E to L in the alphabet show off their lovely shapes, shades and textures. 

Mouse over them to see the names. 

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Emerald GiantEmerald Giant
Exorna Exorna
Flanders PassionFlanders Passion
Ford's ShadowFord's Shadow
Fredeger Fredeger
Frost and FlameFrost and Flame
Fuzzy Wuzzy Fuzzy Wuzzy
Gamma Gamma
Ginnie's Delight Ginnies Delight
Granada Granada
Granat Granat
Grey Lady Grey Lady
Gypsy Gypsy
Hey HeyHey Hey
Kalinda Kalinda
Koko Flanel Koko Flanel
Lentezon Lentezon
Little BoboLittle Bobo

If you have Sempervivum in your xeric garden, you'll already be aware of how they change throughout the growing season, adding even more interest than their textures and forms.

Cooler nights or warmer days can trigger these amazing transformations, sometimes even the same plant can look completely different in a matter of days. See this first hand - the photographs are arranged with the same Sempervivum variety in two different seasons shown vertically. Are you as enthralled as I am with their dramatic changes?

Sempervivum Georgette Bron in August
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Sempervivum Georgette Bron in August Sempervivum Eminent in July Sempervivum Gypsy in September Sempervivum Granada in September
Sempervivum Georgette Bron in May Sempervivum Eminent in September Sempervivum Gypsy in July Sempervivum Granada in May


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