Sedum 'Tekari Dake'

The Stonecrop with the funny name

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This variety is new to me, and I know nothing about it; the good thing about getting a plant that doesn't come with baggage of any kind, and I have no preconceived notions about is that I can allow it to develop in it's own time.

Sedum 'Tekari Dake' - new to me...

So far, I'm liking it's glossy foliage, and pink stems.  We'll see how we get on as the summer progresses.  Time to pot this one up into a bigger sized pot, and let it shine.

Update May 2015; unfortunately, this plant is not hardy to my garden.  I might try it again in a warmer zone, but under the same conditions where lots of others thrive, this species didn't survive the winter.


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