Sedum spurium Green Form

Shell Pink Flowered Two Row Stonecrop

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Sedum spurium green form – fresh pale green leaves and very pale pink flowers form a well-behaved mound.

Sedum spurium Green Form in full glorious bloom

Height 10cm 4"

Spread 40cm 18"

USDA Zone 3

CFIA Zone 2A

I use this extensively in combined groups of other Sedum spurium such as 'Fruland' and 'Dragon’s Blood' for a stunning combination.

It's also one of the Great Spangled Fritillarys favorite Sedum along with Sedum spurium album 'Superbum' in the butterfly garden.

These will draw butterflies and bees magnetically and the beauty of planting many different kinds close together is that they all open in sequence, providing a long season of nectar and pollen for the insects to feed on.

Sedum spurium Green Form

Grow this in containers, draping over the edge, or in rockeries, troughs or green roofs.

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