Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood'

The Classic Red Creeping Stonecrop

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Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ is one of the most widely grown for green roofs and rockeries, and for good reason.

Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood'

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In my opinion, it’s one of the very best of the red types, with good colour all growing season, particularly in early spring.

Also known as 'Schorbuser Blut', the German name for Dragons Blood, it's been around as a classic garden plant for decades.

Once the winter ends, this semi deciduous variety will push out lots of bright red buds, signaling the arrival of spring.

Height: 10cm or 4"

Spread: low growing creeping to around 60cm, or 2'

USDA Zone 3

CFIA Zone 2A

Sedum spurium 'Dragons Blood'

In the summer, the burgundy lobed foliage and hot pink blooms are used for adding a splash of deeper colour to mixed plantings, or in combination with some of the taller Sedum in borders.

I also use it in container plantings and planters as a draping accent in combination with other hardy succulent plants such as Sempervivum.

It also adds a hit of colour in Sedum tapestry beds.

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