Sedum selskianum

A very special Stonecrop species

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The appeal of Sedum selskianum is evident on first glance; this is quite easily the only stonecrop I know of that has the extremely fuzzy stems of this one.  It's another one that is slow growing, and takes quite a while to get established in the garden; I have great hopes that this will be its year.

Sedum selskianum - a fuzzy stemmed beauty

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Tiny and tree like, Sedum selskianum is a prize...

This little guy is just starting to show his true colors; can't wait to have a well established clump or two to see what happens next.

Sedum selskianum just opening its flowers...

Later; this plant has surpassed my expectations; it's fabulous! The way it grows is as a single stem, making it perfect for tiny bonsai or in miniature gardens.  It looks like some kind of tiny tree, all of about six or eight inches across, with a gnarled trunk and branches.  Each branch will be tipped with a cluster of starry yellow blooms. 

The woody branches of Sedum selskianum look like a tiny tree...

One of the most interesting of the characteristics of this little Sedum is that everything is so regularly spaced; each branch has just the right amount of room around it, each flower spaced just so on the spray.

It grows easily from cuttings.  I trimmed back a few of the plants so that they would bush out and form little trees; the cuttings were stuck into a planter, in the hottest weather imaginable, and given no water at all.  Out of the several cuttings three survived and are growing happily.

I renovated the modular green roof and put some of these cuttings into the bare spots - we'll see if they perform as well in those conditions as the miniature castle.  It's all an experiment around here.


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