Sedum 'Sandy's Silver Crest'

A Rare and Unusual Variegated Stonecrop

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Sedum ‘Sandy’s Silver Crest’ is, I suspect, a reflexum type, as it has the same type of foliage as Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ and others, but this one is exceptionally pretty.

Sedum reflexum 'Sandy's Silver Crest' in bloom

The new growth is pure creamy white, topping the mid green older foliage. In an odd little quirk, at certain times of year it appears to have reverted to green, only to surprise you with the appearance of the pale new growth.

I can see this slow growing variety in rockeries and trough gardens.

It eventually reaches around 30cm (1') across, and flowers with golden coloured blooms. The bees love this plant, especially the tiny wild bees.

Sedum reflexum 'Sandy's Silver Crest'


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