Sedum oreganum

Oregon Stonecrop

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Shiny red tinged olive green and yellow puffy shiny leaves cover slender red upright stems.

Sedum oreganum

A well behaved spreading variety, Sedum oreganum is commonly used in containers and on green roofs, and forms a well behaved tidy clump in containers and root planters.

Plant in well drained soil, with extra aggregate for drainage, and fertilize once a year during the growing season - lean soil is recommended for most Sedum, but this particular species tends to yellow without a tiny amount of nutrients - it loves lava rock mulch, which provide these conditions.

Bloom time and colour is unknown, but I am imagining that the flowers will be yellow.  It doesn't seem to bloom much if at all, not necessarily a bad thing, because the flowers would overshadow the lovely lime green foliage.  In full sun in the spring, the foliage is bronze - great effect.

If I was to have one complaint about this plant it would be that if stressed, it seems to lose all the leaves, and there are a lot of bare, wiggly stems.  Cut it back if this happens, and once it recovers, the new growth is much more lush.


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