Sedum middendorffianum

Miniature Stonecrop

Tiny and delicate, this plant actually is tougher than it appears; it's been used successfully as a green roof plant for decades.

Sedum middendorffianum seems to me to resemble a miniature Russian Stonecrop more than anything; if you like tiny and delicate, this plant fits the bill...

The finely cut leaves are blushed pink in the spring, and turn to an even mid green through the summer.  The eventual spread should be around 30 cm (1 foot) across.

As this is yet another new one for me, I'm looking forward to throwing the worst of conditions at it, to see if it truly is as tough as they say...more updates to follow.

Two years of growing this little plant has given me new respect for it. 

This is one tough plant!  I've planted it in the worst conditions possible, with almost no water for months, searing heat and the smoke of forest fires all summer, and it still persists. 

It hasn't grown much, but what there is looks happy and healthy.  I would rate this plant in the 5-6 out of 10 range, due to the fact that it's so slow growing.


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