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by: Ben

Thanks so much for the info, Jacki! I'm going to replant the little cactus as soon as I get home -- I want it to grow nice and strong :) -- and I will stop watering as well! And I just have one more question -- should I be keeping these Sedums in stronger light? They do get some good indirect afternoon light on the porch, but I'm just a little worried they might turn spindly and gangly in the long run...

Thanks again!

I would say they need quite bright light, either outside in a sun porch, or beside a very bright window. I put most of my tender succulents outside for the summer, in dappled shade under a willow tree, and that seems to be perfect. Bright sun in the morning, then shaded in the afternoon. Otherwise, they do tend to stretch - that's a good indication they need more light.


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