Sedum griffithsii

Native to Arizona

Originating in Arizona USA on rocky slopes, this little character has some unique features. It grows from a basal rosette, with the stems bearing gradually smaller and smaller leaves.

Sedum griffithsii

Eventually, the blooms emerge at the top of the stems, in a cluster of white starry flowers in summer.

The plant reaches a grand height of 8-12cm, (3-6") with a spread of about the same.

Loves dry, well drained soil, and really dislikes wet soil in the winter, so keep this one planted in areas that don’t accumulate any moisture. It grows especially well in crevices and between large rocks, to protect the soft fleshy growth from animals browsing on it.

This species is perfect to combine with Sedum pluricaule, Sedum album ‘Faro Form’ and Sedum ewersii in miniature landscapes or hypertufa pinch pots.


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