Sedum ewersii

Sweet, blue foliage with bright pink blooms

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With its small rounded leaves in a lovely shade of blue this little gem will be covered in pink flower clusters in mid summer.  Sedum ewersii is beloved by bees, so be prepared for quite a show in August when it flowers.

Sedum ewersii
Sedum ewersii

Less than 10cm (3-4") in height, this will nevertheless make a good ground covering, which explains why it’s in demand for growing on green roofs.

I also like it in the front of a border, and in containers, where it combines well with Sedum cauticola, which is the next size up, and Sedum cyaneum ‘Rose Carpet’, which is bigger again.

Used in hypertufa pinch pots, it’s exquisite in combination with other miniature hardy succulents.

It’s also known by its other name of Hylotelephium ewersii.

Rich pink flowers of Sedum ewersii open over three weeks in late summer


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