Sedum divergens

Hardy and Tough Stonecrop

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Sedum divergens is a chubby little plant, with leaves that start green and shade to red and orange in full sun. 

The stems are red and brittle, and break easily; sometimes the plant ends up in just a sprawling mat with very few leaves, which fall off if the plant is handled roughly.

Beautiful color changes of Sedum divergens

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Sedum divergens - native to Oregon

Use in troughs and containers, or for green roof planting.

Eventually spreading to around 15cm (6"), this is not an aggressive plant. The texture and bronze colour is very attractive when planted en masse if left to their own devices where they won't be disturbed.

Each chubby leaf that falls will form a new plant in time.

Shockingly, in early spring, the chubby tightly stacked leaves are a gorgeous cherry color.  As the weather warms, they turn back to their usual green.


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