Sedum album athoun

Athoun White Stonecrop

A customer of mine sent me a tiny little cutting of this a couple of years ago, and it seemed to take a long time to get going, but now I have enough to put in various containers where it thrives, and use it in little crannies in the rock retaining wall.

Sedum album 'Athoun' - white stonecrop with attitude...

This is a great little plant - well behaved, easy to prune and move to other areas, and never invasive. The little jelly bean leaves are mid sized between the species, Sedum album and the larger Sedum divergens. So far, this hasn't borne any flowers, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - it just gives me more time to enjoy the fresh green color of the foliage.

Each little stem that reaches a few inches long gets snipped off and replanted in plug trays for sale, or settled into a rustic hypertufa pot. Ultimate size is unknown, but it seems to be easy to keep less than 20-30 cm (8" - 1 foot) across.

Mix into containers of Sempervivum and other small non assertive Sedum for a great combination.

Perfectly at home with many green plants, Sedum album athoun is equally comfortable with other shades too...


Sedum for Containers