Seaweed-like succulent.

by Emma Lou
(Richmond, VA)

The succulent I purchased is tall and seaweed-like. It sort of reminds me of a rattlesnake tail.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Emma Lou, I love it! What a great texture. This reminds me a bit of Rhipsalis, I wonder if it's one of those? There are so many unique and different types of succulents that I can't keep up!

If I were you, I would try to propagate this plant - if you take some cuttings and use some type of hormone powder, I'll bet they'll root. That would be worth a try, as this plant is destined for greatness, as it's not something you see everyday.

See the page on succulent care and succulent plant propagation for more information that might help.

I'll be interested to see if you find out what it is - please post back if you do!

Happy (unidentified) Succulent Gardening!

Later: someone on a different post identified a similar plant as Crassula mucosa, and I've seen another one that was labeled Crassula pseudolycopoides - what a mouthful!

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Nov 19, 2011
Crassula muscosa
by: pc-pdx

That is most definitely Crassula muscosa

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