Rice Plant?

by Susan
(Brockport NY)

Please help me to identify this succulent. I acquired a slip of this plant from a dear friend that passed away a number of years ago. She called it a "rice" plant but I always knew that wasn't its name. It is easy to grow in water or soil.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Susan, this is indeed a special plant then, if it's a legacy from a friend. Several other visitors have asked about plants that look similar to this, and the consensus seems to be that it is some type of Rhipsalis (maybe this is where the name 'rice plant' came from?) Here are some links to the pages:

Pretty Succulent with Woody Stems

Unknown Plant

Alien Fingers

Maybe these will give you some idea of what you have.

Happy Gardening!

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Aug 24, 2011
I found the name!
by: Susan

Thanks for the hint ?that it is some type of Rhipsalis?. I did some more searching and found the answer (see below). Mystery Solved!

Rhipsalis cereuscula (rice cactus)
Rhipsalis cereuscula is a cactus-like succulent with thin stems. It produces pendulous stems that terminate in tiny stems. It produces white flowers in the early spring. It is native to South America and is sometimes called coral cactus or rice cactus. Presumably the rice name comes from the size of the individual sections of the stems. Easy to care for and long lived.

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