Revive my jade plant after 2 months of confinement

by Christine
(Paris, France)

Jade plant

Jade plant

Hello, after 2 months of confinement I was finally allowed to go back briefly to my office this morning. Most of my plants have died, but my jade plant looks sad but alive! What should you do now to nurse it back to perfect health? The leaves are leathery with yellow and brown shades.

Since we are still obliged to work from home, I’ve brought it back home to my apartment (in Paris). It’s bright, but without to many corners with direct light.

Thanks in advance,

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May 22, 2020
Not bad!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

To a Jade plant, two months of neglect is just what the horticulturist ordered, but most people can't leave them alone that long.

Apart from the shriveled leaves, there's no reason that this plant can't bounce back with no ill effects.

What I might do (if you can) is repot it into some gravelly well drained soil, like cactus soil mixed with potting soil half and half, maybe? Don't know what you have available.

If you can't do this, just resume watering, although depending on the soil, it may not re-wet too easily.

Dunk the whole thing into a bucket of water for an hour or so, not longer than that because it could start to rot the roots.

The next day, all those wrinkles will be gone (too bad it won't work that way for humans!).

If you don't get a chance to repot it, give it a tiny bit of fertilizer in a week or two. It will make all the difference.

Here's more information on best fertilizer for succulents.

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