red flower

by gabby
(sarasota, fl)

Chain of leafs rectangular looking

Hi Gabby, this is a lovely red species or cultivar of Schlumbergera, Hatiora or Rhipsalis - they are all similar, and known broadly as Holiday Cactus.

The reason for this is that starting around mid November, some species will flower to celebrate Thanksgiving, then in December other species take up the torch for a Christmas display, and others still flower up until Easter.

Regardless of the genus, they all require similar care.

They benefit from a summer rest outdoors, in a sheltered lanai or hung from a tree with dappled shade, and watered fairly frequently.

In the fall, the cooler night temperatures are a crucial part of setting the buds, which then open up in their usual bloom schedule.

You can see more about Schlumbergera, the Christmas Cactus and epiphytes here.

Happy Succulent Growing!

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