recyling soil and potting mix

by shane
(brisbane australia)

Compost Bins

Compost Bins

Hi, I don't want to waste my soil and potting mix can I put it in my compost bin instead of grass clippings and such, still using food scraps and such?

Hi Shane, by all means put it in the compost. This sort of depends on what exactly is in the potting soil, and if you're concerned about pests, make sure you sprinkle it in layers so it gets hot enough by the decomposition of the food scraps and other organic matter to kill them off.

I wouldn't use this type of compost in containers again, just put it on the garden - on the lawn or around trees and shrubs are the best uses.

Keep in mind that some potting mixes contain polymers to retain the water, and also perlite, a white volcanic product, which can be somewhat unsightly. Cover it with mulch if this is the case, or scratch it in to the existing soil.
Hope this helps!

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