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Rancho Reubidoux Coil Pots

by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)

Rancho Reubidoux coil pots

Rancho Reubidoux coil pots

The potters art is highly underrated for planting succulents in - look at these gorgeous coil pots that make the best planters for succulent plants.

If you have an artistic and creative bone in your body, make some like this, or encourage a potter friend that you need these - bad.

Make sure that the pots have a drain hole in the bottom, or use them for a cache pot by planting your succulents in clay or plastic pot and using the coil pot as a decorative cover. Don't ever allow water to stand in the bottom of it - succulents hate too much water.

Reuben has so much more on his blog for your viewing pleasure: Rancho Reubidoux

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