Question on Rooting Medium

by Grant
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The Question

The Question

I have this question on my work sheet and the words just throw me

State Three Characteristics of a rooting medium in cuttings

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Nov 13, 2016
Three Characteristics
by: Jacki

There are certain things essential for getting cuttings to root;

~Ability to hold moisture, but not too much.

~Porous with good drainage.

~Sterile so there is less risk of pathogens attacking the cuttings either before or after they root.

Of these, I'm going to say that having no pathogens present will be the most important, because with fungus causing damping off before the cutting even has a chance to root, there's no hope.

The type of soil, either peat or manure based, or mineral soil also has a bearing, but having said that, I've rooted Daphne cneorum (a notoriously hard to root species) in pumice alone. I give credit to the air spaces in it, plus the use of bottom heat.

Moisture has to be present, but in most cases, depending on what you're attempting to root, mist or the occasional sprinkling, or the use of a cover such as a cloche will stop too much moisture loss.

There's more about the characteristics of a good rooting medium here and here.

Hope that helps with your understanding of this crucial part of propagating plants.

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