Purple and green-based spatulate "leafs" with tiny spikes, and woody stalk

I would simply like to identify and understand this plant a bit more...

I bought it recently from a local market in Tel Aviv, but the owner wasn't able to tell me anything more than when to water the plant - once every week to ten days, and less during winter.

If you could let me know the name of the plant that would be most appreciated. Then can find out how further to best take care of it!

Thanks much!

Thank you for the clear pictures! This is some type of Echeveria, of which there are many different species and varieties.

In general, the advice from where you bought it holds for most of them, but that doesn't go into enough detail about what to do when it gets tall and leggy, which eventually, they all do.

What will happen to this lovely creature is that the top rosette will continue to grow, and leaves gradually die off from the bottom, leaving the long stem. I usually deal with this by beheading the top rosette, and re-rooting it to form a nice low growing one. You can see more about that here: succulent plant propagation.

You'll find out more about the different species and hybrids, and how to grow them here.

Best of luck with your lovely plant!

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Apr 02, 2017
I think this is an aeonium
by: Lynn

I think it is Aeonium arboretum 'Zwartkop' . The leaves have a slightly serrated edge which is I think is typical of Aeonium. There is another spelling but spell check keeps changing it!

Apr 02, 2017
by: Jacki

I agree, Lynn! Now that I look at it, you're absolutely right. I guess what threw me was the way the leaves are curled up, not flat.

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