Proudly South African

by Jacky Grundling
(Cape Town South Africa)

Seeing that there was a discussion about Mesemb Titanopsis I would like to show you what mine looks like.

(This is a link to the discussion: Titanopsis hugo-schlecteri)

1 Mesemb Titanopsis calcarea without flowers.

2 The beautiful flowers as it looks now in winter/
rain time in Cape Town.

3 A container with 12 different kinds of
Mesembs. Can you spot the little rascal in the center of the bowl?

Wow, Jackie - those are so cool! Do you collect the seeds? Just wondering if they are similar to grow as Lithops, those are the closest genus that I've grown.

Thanks so much for sharing - you are so lucky to live in an area where those kinds of plants thrive, and you have access to them.

Keep sending your pics!

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