pot of unidentified succulents

by Anne
(Kansas City, MO)

I bought a pot of succulents the other day at a local nursery. These are some of the first house plants I've purchased, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with them.

I'd like to identify the different types of succulents, partially out of curiosity and also to make sure I didn't purchase some plants that could kill my cat! I've attached a few pictures of the plants from a couple of different angles. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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Sep 09, 2014
Not recommended for cats!
by: Jacki

What a pretty selection! They will do well for you as long as you keep them in as bright a situation as you can possibly provide - and away from your cat. Although in most cases, these are not poisonous in small quantities, it just wrecks them to have teeth marks in them!

I sometimes suggest putting the whole thing inside a bird cage from the thrift store to protect them from inquisitive felines.

So for identification; the biggest large green one is a Jade, which is Crassula ovata. You can find out more about them here. The one you have appears to be one of the miniature kinds, as it's so compact.

Beside that going clockwise is one of the x Pachyveria, which could be one known as 'Fred Ives' or similar. They require the same care as Echeveria as they're closely related.

The chubby red and green leaves are Sedum rubrotinctum - very cute.

The red rosette could be either an Echeveria or even a Sempervivum. If the latter, it won't be happy indoors, but at this stage it's impossible to tell. If it starts to get baby rosettes on stolons, it will be a Sempervivum, if the babies are close to the skirts of the mother, it's most likely Echeveria. Sorry that I can't be more certain of that.

The pale blue shorter one could be a Graptopetalum or a Pachyveria - sorry, again! There are just so many that seem to be similar.

Here's the page on Graptopetalum for some other pictures.

For general succulent care see this page.

Hope that helps get your addiction well under way!

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