Possibly some form of Haworthia

by Mike
(Bristol, UK)

Peach colored flowers

Peach colored flowers

Green fleshy leaves with small light spikes over each leaves. Lots of smaller ones growing around base.

Large stem protruding currently but it looks a little sad so I would like to know how best to care for it if possible!

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Jul 31, 2017
Not a Haworthia
by: Jacki

Most Haworthia have white flowers with a tinge of pink or green, so this guy, with large, peach colored flowers is most likely not one of that genus.

I can't see the foliage very clearly, but if it's got toothed edges, it's most likely some kind of Aloe. There are lots! More about Aloe

The flowers on succulent plants, Aloe included, are short lived. If the plant is done with it, cut the flower stalk off right at the base.

Almost all succulents need much brighter light than what they'll get in an office or home. If they don't get enough light, they let you know by drooping, getting stretched, or just faltering. If they need more than what they get from a window, use a grow light.

More on general succulent care here.

Jul 25, 2022
by: Zeke

It’s Aloe aristata

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