Possible pachyveria

Picked this unlabeled one up from a superstore and repotted it into a container with better drainage (as seen in the picture, next to the aloe vera). It's getting leggy due to lack of light around here, but I plan on propagating in the spring.

I think it's a pachyveria but I know next to nothing about plants and have only been at this for a few months. If you could confirm that would be helpful! Thanks!

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Dec 22, 2014
I think it is!
by: Jacki

But I've never seen one that color. The color reminds me more of Echeveria 'Black Prince' which has a green base with black over top, similar to this one.

There are so many that are not named, just grown from seed and propagated for the Home Depots of the world.

The shape of this one is a little more like Pachyphytum though, with the thicker leaves. They vary with different care and conditions so it's really hard to tell without knowing more about where it was grown (the brightness of the light, etc).

Either way, you may want to see the guidelines on this page.

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