Possible Kalanchoe, Species Unknown

by Brian
(Linthicum, MD)

Full Body Shot

Full Body Shot

I know nothing about succulents. I happened upon a small succulent and cacti festival at a local arboretum sometime last year and decided to purchase this plant.

It was labeled as "Kalanche Firecracker." At the time, it was about 12 inches tall.

It's over 30 inches tall now. While transporting it one day, it fell over in my car and broke about 2/3rds the way of the stem. So I replanted the top portion.

What you see in the picture started as one, single stalk that grew into two with the original top planted directly next to it.

I would love to know what it is. It has made a permanent home in the blinds of my office window. WIthout support, this thing will go toppling over. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Sep 26, 2014
Those are not flowers...
by: Jacki

This is a trait common to a lot of Kalanchoe - those are actually millions of baby plants.

The flowers are amazingly spectacular, and will emerge in a big spray at the top of the plant. You can see more about this plant (or one very similar) here.

The Firecracker common name is most often given to another species of Kalanchoe, called Flaming Katy, which is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.

Just so you know, all Kalanchoe are amenable to pruning, and don't mind having their heads chopped off to make them bushier and more compact. The fact that your plant is climbing the walls indicates that it's not getting enough light, so maybe provide more in the form of a grow light.

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