Possible Echeveria Curly Locks?

by Valerie
(Denver, CO, USA)


I live in Denver, CO and have a plant I got at a garden center and either they didn't include the plant name or it disappeared when I replanted it, but I just am not sure what it is.

I accidentally put it outside when it was still a bit too cold and I think it's poor leaves got shocked/frozen so I brought it back indoors.

All the damaged leaves fell off but now it's grown into the thin thing you see in the picture.

ps, it was already split into the 2 stalks, but the leaves were further down the stalk and much bigger.

Plus I think I must have had it too far from the light so maybe that's why it's all tall and thin.

I've since put it by the window and it seems to be less prone to dropping leaves, but I just want to identify it and learn how to maybe prune it so it's less "leggy."

Hope this gives enough information and thanks for your help.

Hi Val, the problem with trying to identify a particular plant is hard enough, but when it's in rough shape it's even more difficult. This is definitely an Echeveria; that much I can be fairly certain of.

The trait of dropping all the lower leaves is pretty characteristic, and some do it more than others. Low light levels can certainly contribute to it, so you've done the right thing.

What I would do with this is behead it and restart the tops, and hopefully one at least will make new roots and start to grow.

The Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book gives instructions and more insight into how to do the procedure for the best success.

Best of luck with your plant!

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