Poisonous or Not?

by Robert J Lockart
(Lawton, Oklahoma)

I was sitting on my couch here in South Western Oklahoma about 8 pm and it was fairly dim lighted. I put my arm up on the arm rest of the couch and I felt a sharp little sting, just shy of a tiny bee sting. I looked down and saw this spider you see in the pick. Please can someone tell me what kind of spider it is and if whether or not it is poisonous. Thanks

Hi Robert, I don't recognize that particular spider as one that is known to be poisonous around here, but I have no idea about spiders in Oklahoma. You may want to get medical treatment for it, regardless. Take the spider with you and get to the emergency room.

Sometimes spider bites can cause necrotizing fasciatis, or flesh eating disease due to the toxin, and at the very least, a good welt which in some people can be intensely itchy.

Hope that helps,

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