Pleiospilos nelii

I purchased a split rock plant in a 2" last month.
it is now in bloom and just wonderful except I noticed that the outer 'stones' are shriveling up; is this normal?
Do I transplant to a size larger pot after bloom?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I'm not 100% familiar with these plants, but as far as I know they're very similar to Lithops in their requirements. The outer stones do shrivel, as the plant reclaims them of their moisture and nutrients to form the flower. Once they bloom, they usually undergo a dormant period, when you should refrain from watering, or disturbing it. I would repot in the early spring, before they start into the blooming cycle.

See the page on how to grow Lithops, and see this guide on Split Rocks on Daves Garden.

Happy Gardening with these fascinating plants.


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