Please identify this beautiful succulent!

by Marsha Sinkevich
(Mentone CA)

I live in Mentone California. I bought this lovely bluish plant with purple stalks about 3 years ago, as a plant about 6 inches high. The plant was not identified. It is now about 2.5 feet high for the tallest branch, and several more are just under. We've got a two week run of frosty night temperatures, and some of my succulents were hit badly. This one has protection from a nearby pine tree, and does not seem affected.
It has developed bloom stems, which haven't grown beyond tiny buds due to the cold weather. E.g., tonight we are expecting a low of 28 degrees; should be 34 tomorrow night.

Besides its name, would appreciate info re its cold tolerance and how big it gets. If it can tolerate some frost, I may plant cuttings of this plant in these locations.
Thank you so much. And thanks for providing this service-knowing what the plant is helpful in providing the correct culture. Best regards.

Marsha Sinkevich
Mentone CA 92359

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Feb 21, 2019
Found it!
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

This reminds me so much of some Crassula species that I started looking there, but it's actually Senecio crassimus. There are some pictures of it here;

More on culture of Senecio here;

Interesting to hear how hardy it is!

Feb 27, 2019
Addendum re Senecio crassimus
by: Marsha Sinkevich

I should add that this being Southern California, our low temperatures are during the coldest point of the night, and do not last more than an hour. Hence it would be misleading to believe that the S. Crassimus might withstand really cold temperatures for longer periods. Also, this plant is protected by a large pine tree branch overhead--thus minimizing the effects of any frost. It is, however, significantly more cold tolerant than the Aeoniums located without a tree's protection--all these experienced major frost damage. Now that I'm aware of your website, I will try to keep you updated with any more info re s. Crassimus.
Thanks and regards.

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