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Jan 11, 2011
by: Jacki

Hi Linda, is it possible that your plant could be some kind of Aporocactus, the rat tail cactus?

This is the only one I've found in my research that has similar growth, although the most common form of Aporocactus, the species flagelliformis, tends to be quite a bit larger, both in the leaves themselves, and the ultimate size of the plant.

However, there are many hybrids of the various species commonly grown, and this could be one of them. Sorry I can't help more than that, as my specialty is more the succulents than cacti. This may give you a place to start; if you do happen to find out more, please post back.

Jan 11, 2011
My Spaghetti head succulent
by: Linda from Weeki Wachee

Thanks so much for your input. At least you have given me a place to start looking. I'll let you know if I find it.
Thanks for your site. It's nice to know one can get advise from people in the know and who have similar interests.

Eight years ago I retired to Fl and people here said "no one" has house plants around here...too much will just end up getting rid of them once you live here a while. Obviously, "they" don't have a love for could ANYONE live without plants????

Jan 28, 2012
A Few More Options
by: Jacki

There are few more plants that this resembles, if you haven't found it yet:

Crassula pseudolycopoides looks similar in texture.

Crassula mucosa also looks similar, and then there are always some of the Euphorbia, or Medusa Head.

This is a link to Euphorbia flanaganii on Daves Garden.

Nov 10, 2012
by: Carol

I started looking online to identify my plant, that looks similar to yours, just not as big. I found a picture of a Rhipsalis that looked like mine. I found it at this website.


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