Please help!

by Samantha
(Wright City, MO, USA )

Honestly, I LOVE this plant more than any other plant I have ever grown! I really would love to learn what kind it is so I can learn more about it!

This picture was right after I got it, about 2 months ago. It has done really well so far grown probably about 3 inches taller! It also has these green stringy things sticking out of the top now, that seem to be weighing it down I'm afraid it's going to fall!!! :(

Hi Samantha, it looks like what you have is some kind of Echeveria.

Sadly, it also looks like it's very deprived of light. These plants normally grow in intensely bright places, like South America close to the equator, so it's important that you copy those conditions as much as possible.

If necessary, to keep the plant as healthy and happy as you can, you would supply extra light with a grow light. You can buy these at most garden supply stores, even online. A window that is covered by a blind just isn't enough.

The curling leaves and the way the plant is stretching tell me that this is the case.

See more about how to grow Echeveria here, and more basic succulent care on this page.

Oh, and the long stringy things are flower stalks! The plant is trying to bloom, even under adverse conditions.

You need to be giving it more light for them to fully develop, or they'll be extremely long and top heavy.

Do not put it in direct sunlight! The shock will kill it after it's been deprived, so you need to work up to it slowly. A grow light isn't as intense, so that will be fine to put it directly under one.

Hopefully it's not too late, and your plant will recover.

Best of luck,

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