Please help ID this looks like ivy in succulent basket!

by Jamie
(El Cajon, CA)

Green leaves in with a succulent basket at Home Depot
The leaves look like IVY.

What is this please help??

Those do look like ivy, or Hedera helix, but they're obviously not, based on the veining, and the thickness of the leaves - good call!

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it's some kind of Senecio, which used to go by the name of Kleinia; however, my usually good resource didn't give me any joy using Kleinia as a search term. Using Senecio, I came across several possibilities;

Variegated Flowering Ivy, or Senecio macroglossus is a likely culprit, especially as it's described as resembling English Ivy.

This one doesn't even have a common name, but it looks very similar to your example. It's known as Senecio oxyriifolius subsp. tropaeolifolius, but don't say this three times fast, your tongue will never be the same. From the picture, I'd say this is the culprit!

Hope that helps,

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May 02, 2013
thank you Jacki!!!
by: Jamie

thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!

Jun 06, 2018
dragons tail
by: steve

dragons tail

Jun 06, 2018
No Such Thing
by: Jacki

I can't find any reference to a common name of Dragon's Tail for this plant - or any plant, come to that. This is why botanical Latin names are so important, even if they are tongue twisting.

Jul 12, 2020
false nasturtium
by: George

I think this is called False Nasturtium

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