Planting Succulents

by Brenda Addington
(Suwanee, GA)

Large Basket Succulents

Large Basket Succulents

Large Basket Succulents
Large Basket of Succulents
Fountain of Succulents
Fountain of Succulents

I've been planting succulents for years in my garden using lots of different large containers. I love their easy care and texture they add to my garden.

Here are a few containers I planted this year.

My first container is a huge cement basket I purchased over 17 years ago for my garden.

Over the years, I've planted several succulents (Sedums,Echeveria,Sempervivum hens and chicks),this year I added Kalanchoe and 'Zwartkop' aeonium.

It's always a focal point in my garden. I planted succulents at the base of this planter too.

My second Container happens to be a non-working fountain I've had for years.

I got tired of filling it up with water constantly (it leaked) so I turned it into a planter for my succulents.

I planted Echeveria, sedum, Kalanchoe, cluster of sempervivums-hens and chicks,ice plant and trailing dichondra 'silver falls'.

Thanks for letting me share my succulent containers.

Brenda Addington
The Graceful Gardener

This is our winner for the Best Succulent Containers Contest 2013!

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Nov 08, 2013
The Winner...
by: Jacki

...of our contest is Brenda's lovely planters - please contact me for your choice of prizes!

Jul 21, 2013
by: Jacki

Brenda, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous planters! They truly are something to be proud of.

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