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identify this plant
by: Dorothy

I have a plant which I received from a friend who has passed. It is a dark green plant which grows a cactus like stem as it ages.The leaves are long and dark green and come out in singles rather than a cluster. It grows very large at which time it "drops" babies. That is how I got mine. It has taken several years, but my plant is now about 10 inches high and growing its cactus like stem. If I had a way of sending you a picture, I would show you. this fellow told me that he got the plant from Holland.

Hi Dorothy, just post them in a new submission on the Succulent Plant Identification page and I'll try to find out for you.

Rhipsalis? Plant id.
by: Jo Foster

Hi, that plant that you suggested was a Rhipsalis, I think looks more like Euphorbia tirucalli.

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