Plant Guides

How to grow our favorite succulent plants

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Plant Guides

These plant guides are quick and useful references to successfully growing many of the interesting and unique plants I grow in my xeric gardens and succulent crafts.

These fascinating plants have a few quirks that I've discovered over the years, which I can now share with you.

Whether you're just starting out, or you've been growing these fascinating plants forever, there will be something for you in the guides listed below.

Use the Plant Guides to learn more about your favorite plants and how to grow on the pictures below...

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In these plant guides you can learn which is the best soil to plant each type of plant into, and recommendations for pots and containers, and other useful information.

The succulent plants that I grow are relatively easy if you know the basics.

Information on how to grow all the different plants that I grow is listed in the Plant Guides.

Click on the images below for details about how to grow diferent kinds of plants, a generalized planting guide, and propagation information.

You'll find out about how to propagate by using seeds, growing some of these plants from cuttings and much more hard won information. I've made all the mistakes possible in my gardening; you don't have to.

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