Pink Flowering round shaped.

I just bought it at school. It had pink flowers with yellow insides. And it also has diamond shaped things sticking out with about 8 or nine spikes each with one sticking straight out on each one. The spikes are white but the ones closer to the top are a reddish brown.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
This is a gorgeous example of a cactus plant. There are many different cacti, this one appears to be some type of Echinopsis, which have this characteristic type of spines in very symmetrical and ordered arrangements.

To care for your Echinopsis, or Sea Urchin cactus, they need a cool dry period in the winter, when they rest. To promote lots of bloom, feed and water regularly during the summer, and allow then to dry out in a cool bright window to set flower buds in the winter.

Enjoy the short lived, brightly coloured blooms, as they're fleeting. In some cases, they can bloom two or three times in the summer, as long as they receive their cool resting period.


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