Pink flowered Succulent

Photo 1 of pink flowering succulent

Photo 1 of pink flowering succulent

This is a small (4-inch pot) succulent with showy pink flowers. The others at the garden center I brought this at had more of these with more flowers on them, but I wanted one that would bloom for longer, so...

Anyways, the first photo shows the colors better; the second is there to show the stems of the flowers.

The flowers are growing from a single silvery-green rosette with silver-edged leaves.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Wow, isn't that a beauty! The rosette part looks like an Echeveria, with the blueish succulent leaves, but the flowers are really different, and huge in comparison to the plant, and actually more resemble a Sedum flower. I'm sorry I can't identify this one, I would love one for my collection.

With any luck, another visitor will recognize this and be able to give us a name.


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Jul 31, 2011
Plant ID
by: Anonymous

Looks like graptopetalum?

Sep 08, 2011
Graptopetalum bella
by: Anonymous

The name of this one is Graptopetalum bella

May 01, 2013
Graptopetalum bella
by: Maria Anzaldua

Thank you for identifying this succulent! I used to have one, but managed to lose it, sorry to admit. I've been trying to replace it but didn't know it's name. Now I know, and vow to take better care of it.

Oct 17, 2021
its Tacitus bellus.
by: cereusly steve

Its Tacitus bellus. Even though David Hunt transferred the species to Graptopetelum, it is definitely NOT a Graptopetalum. Graptopetalum have whitish flowers with purple markings and anther filaments that recurve after shedding their pollen, neither of which are to be found in Tacitus. It is obviously a different genus. David Hunt may be an expert in Commelinaceae and Mammillaria but he dosesn't know anything about Crassulaceae.

Oct 17, 2021
by: Jacki

Wow, Steve. Harsh.

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