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Jul 18, 2013
Okay then
by: Andrew S.

I figured I'd have to do some pruning, which I am prepared for.

From doing a bit of reading it seems like doing a greenhouse method for stem cuttings is what I should do. Do you have any other method that you would recommend?

I am willing to trim it down, but if I am re-potting the top pieces, should I just cut the flowering stem off?

Thanks again.

You can cut the flowers off, if you're propagating the stem. I usually use a plastic bag method for most houseplants, if you're not really confident that they will root without help. Just use a plastic bag partially filled with some sterilized potting soil (that's important because this will be a closed environment) and stick the pieces in.

Blow in it to add carbon dioxide, and to keep the bag off the cuttings.

The potting soil should be barely damp, and the condensation should be minimal; large droplets on the inside of the bag indicate that the soil is much too wet, and these will cause rotting and decay of the cuttings to start, when the drops fall on them. If this happens, open the bag for a few hours, and then blow into it again, and tie it shut.

In a few weeks, you should see some new growth starting, or even white roots showing at the bottom of the bag.

Have fun!

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